Event: Playgrounds #7

Emmanuelle Walker

Foto Emmanuelle Walker

Born in Switzerland and raised in Canada, Emmanuelle Walker studied traditional animation in Montreal. She moved to Paris in 2007 to attend the world-renowned animation school Gobelins, and currently lives in London. Walker combines sophistication and playful quirkiness, which makes her work both warm and dynamic. Emmanuelle Walker began her career working across TV series, documentaries, short films and music videos. her work, screened in many animation festivals around the world, depicts her own specific universe, populated by elongated elegant characters.
She has been freelancing in 2D animation, motion design, visual development and direction since 2004.Walker has worked for: Christie’s, Lancôme, The Walt Disney Company, Spike Jonze, The Hollywood Reporter, Revue XXI, Mr Porter, Samsung, Orange, XBox, Jean-Paul Gaultier, The World Economic Forum, The NFB, Sbrinz, Swissinfo, amongst others. emmanuellewalker.com